Successful Website?

What Does It Take to Build a Successful Website & Online Store?

It takes continuous work & improvements to your website to ensure your website is a successful one and helps your business accomplish its mission.

So, you have a shiny new website. Hooray! Now that you have some forward momentum, there are several things you need to keep momentum going: 

  • Create your Google Search Console profile & update your website as needed. Review for issues every business day if possible or at least weekly
  • Create your Google My Business profile. Keep monitoring them and update everything as needed.
  • Conduct a technical seo audit at least once a month if not weekly and correct everything that needs correcting
  • Create the appropriate social media accounts for your industry and business, paying attention to where your target audience spends their time online
  • Create an email newsletter and write about topics you know your target audience is interested in. Be mindful about building your list — but don’t be shy about it. Follow all the legal rules about emailing people. Email newsletters are still more effective and generate more ROI than social media advertising.

All of this assumes that you are offering people visiting your website something they want.
If no one buys products from your website - there could be a few issues: 
  1. You simply don’t offer the products they want. Do people really really want what you offer? 
  2. The product detail pages don’t have high quality images and text regarding the product and don’t convince the visitor that the want your product 
  3. Your site doesn’t appear trustworthy or is a brand they are unaware of
  4. Your pricing is off.
  5. You’re not committing the time, money or energy to your business. 

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