Website Redesign

When do you know it’s time to redesign your website?

How often do you redesign your website? Has it been a year? 2 years? 5 years? Do you have no idea?

While there are many reasons why you haven’t redesigned your website recently, it doesn’t necessarily matter how long it’s been (though that increases if you haven’t redesigned in over two years), here are a few solid reasons why you need to redesign your site today (and hire LWS to do it!):

  • You’re not getting traffic – or, you don’t even have a website analytics tool installed so you know how much traffic you’re getting
  • Your website is not secure with SSL, or, you’ve been hacked
  • Your website doesn’t look good on a tablet or a smartphone
  • Your content doesn’t reflect your current offerings as a company
  • Your website isn’t helping your company or non-profit make money

There are countless reasons to know when…but the most important thing to do is get in touch with your website company or person and review your website. Your business depends on it.

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