Website Security

Website Security is Everyone’s Problem

Website security affects your business & you, even when you think it doesn’t.

They say that ignorance is bliss, and in some ways it is for other things in your life, but not your website. You should not be ignorant about your website and it’s security.

Do you use WordPress, Drupal or other content management software? All of these systems must have their software updated at least on a weekly basis and sometimes the same day when a security update is released to ensure your site is protected. It’s kinda like updating your iPhone or Windows computer — you always want the latest updates, don’t you?

Same thing goes for your website.

I see it all the time…

I work with many awesome business owners, marketing professionals & website owners. I see a lot of insecure software — sadly WordPress is often one of those. It’s not the fault of WordPress, though. Is it the site owner? Maybe…the challenge here is that the person who owns the site just wants the website to work, and in today’s crazy, busy & often confusing environment, a website that “just works” is often good enough. Please don’t let this be the case for you. Complacency is never a good thing and certainly isn’t here. I’m calling on all business owners, marketing professionals — and everyone who owns or operates a website — to be proactive about keeping their websites updated (software, content, everything!). It’s great for business, you and the Internet in general.

I don’t specifically fault site owners — most simply don’t know their website is outdated and just need to be educated about updates. -Dinos

This is the bottom line…

Don’t be fooled into thinking “Why would anyone want to hack my website? It’s so small and has nothing important…” Ohhhhh but it does. Your website, as simple as it is, sits on a server that’s connected to other servers, other networks and other sensitive ‘things’. The goal of a hacker isn’t to get into your website — they don’t even care about your website — some just want to harm anything and everything and others want access to the server & network that your website sits on to do more damage.

It’s not about you. “They” (the hackers) are just using you. It’s about them being able to inflict more damage and annoy more people.

If you’re not sure if your website is secure, or would like your website audited, get in touch and LWS will make your website secure.

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