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What's the definition of a successful website?

Successful websites continually drive new business (or simply helps your company accomplish it’s mission). Creating your first website, or re-designing an existing one, is only the first step. Having a successful website is more of a journey than a destination. Websites are never fully “done”. They need to constantly adapt  to “everything” (your audience, external changes in how people see it, the marketplace in your industry, many other things).
Work must be continually done on your website for it to truly help your business. It’s not cheap. It takes time, energy and money. You need to break the work into time periods: in the grand list of website tasks, I break down things daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and of course yearly. There are also cases where I break things down by the minute or by the hour (in certain cases like a store when every minute of downtime costs you $50,000 in lost revenue or some other high-stress websites or web apps). 

I conduct a lot of website audits. Most of these are done either on a weekly basis or a monthly basis. They look at your website from the perspective of a search engine and also analyzes how your website performs against your competitors. Based on the results from that audit, action is taken to correct any issues that come up and also review content needs for the next week or month. 

So, ask yourself this: what’s the goal for your website? Is your website accomplishing it’s goal? Why not? Set a goal — get a baseline for where your website is today and start taking action to improve it.

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