Frequently Asked Questions

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Ah, yes, the $50 Million question...your website is an investment in your company, right? YES!

This is the deal...websites are a lot of work. Just like your car - few people understand exactly how much work goes into a website, similar to building or fixing a car. 

If all you need is a simple, great looking website, my NoBS Website package is for you. It costs about $2,500 plus $250/month after the website launches. No drawn out sales process, just purchase the package and work will commence.

For everything else, projects start at $5,000 minimum with $500/month after the website launches. 

How are websites like cars? 🚘🛠️

They need care & maintenance! 

Below are some of the items I complete for every client who has a Monthly Care Plan with me.  

  1. Review your website analytics, hotspots, videos and other analytics & send a hand-written report detailing how your website performed. 
  2. Tweak website design
  3. Report on how many people are coming to your website, popular pages etc.
  4. Add functionality
  5. Update content (add images, update text, add sales promotions, blog posts, keeping information updated on a timely basis)
  6. Ensure software is up to date
  7. Ensure your website is free of security issues

How will we communicate during a project?

Great question - easy answer: Basecamp, my project management system. 

Basecamp is my:

  1. Main todo list
  2. Project schedule / milestones
  3. Files & documents
  4. Messanger
  5. Real-time chat tool

I hate's only productive for certain things and it's easy for stuff to get lost.

With Basecamp -- everything for our project is in one place so we're always on the same page. 

What are your office hours? Can we meet in person?

  • I'm generally available during normal business hours (again, Basecamp is the best way to get in touch with me) but work is done at various times during the day -- and night ;)
  • Yes, we can -- but Zoom meetings are highly preferred. 

My headquarters where all my in-person meeting space is located right at 270 & Shady Grove Road: 

1 Research Court
Suite 450
Rockville, MD 20850

Does LWS do any short-term work? Little web projects here & there?

No. You can't expect to buy a car, never take it to a mechanic for an oil change, tire rotation etc. Same thing with your website. 

If you’re looking for a few quick updates, we're not a good fit to work together. We focus on on-going monthly work that consistently drives growth.

Website Audits & Strategy

What is website strategy?

A website strategy outlines the plan for your website. What does it need to do? How does it help the business? What things do we need to do on the website so that we make more money as a company (or satisfy the companies’ mission)? It answers questions such as: what are the desired outcomes? What’s our action plan to put all this into place?

Why do I need an audit?

Websites have many moving parts. In order to find out how we can improve on a website, we have to establish a benchmark for where it stands today. This is where the audit comes in. It provides insight into where your website is technically speaking, how search engines view your website (search engine ranking for example) and how up to date your content is. It also provides insight into whether or not the software that runs your website is outdated and needs to be outdated. All important items to benchmark.

How much does an audit cost?

Audits start at $250 which includes a comprehensive overview of your website, SEO status, technical status and overall status. Let’s chat more!

If LWS is hired to help with my website strategy, what exactly do I get?

We’ll conduct an audit of your website, meet several times to discuss your business, where’s it’s at & your website. You’ll get a full pdf report containing your Website Strategy with action items which we can then work on together.

Content Management Systems, Website Maintenance

What types of platforms does LWS work with?

I can generally work with any platform or software out there. However, I primarily work with: 

  1. Jekyll CMS
  2. Gatsby CMS
  3. Most "Jamstack" development
  4. Craft CMS
  5. Statamic & Kirby
  6. Lastly - WordPress

What if I don’t have any work this month? Do I still have to pay?

Yes, there is a $150 minimum every month. Websites are busy places and there is always something to do.

How are tasks managed? How can I request that something be done?

You can request something be done with through email, phone, Google Hangout or by submitting a task request form. All work is managed through The Studio Online, where you can login, submit work to be completed, see work requests and progress, etc.

How long does it take to complete a request?

Generally speaking 24-48 hours but all my tasks are managed based on priority. All tasks are completed during normal business hours unless there is a distinct reason to work off-hours. All this is communicated through the project management system.