What do new websites cost? If you need a simple, cost effective small business or non-profit website, I’ll build one for you on SquareSpace for $1,750. Head over “here” to learn more and purchase the service.

If you have special functional requirements or prefer a custom, hand built website please “head over here” and fill out my proposal request form and we will get started together. These types of projects start at $5,000 minimum (no exceptions).

How will we work together? Once we start working together, we will communicate primarily through “Basecamp” and occasionally Zoom video conferences. I don’t find email to be particularly productive and try hard not to use it. With Basecamp, all our schedules, todos, documents etc are in one neat organized place for us.

**How many people are in your company? Just one, me, but I have an amazing support team behind me that helps me with phones and many other things.