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Who needs WordPress!?

WordPress is overkill for many websites out there. Who needs WordPress? I do! Lots of people & companies do too. But, there is a small but growing revolution out there of website building, developers, and techies who are building “static flat file” websites these days. Before I explain why and what the heck I’m talking […]

Insecure websites starting in July

Do you use Google’s browser, called Chrome? I bet you do and guess what? Over half of the people browsing the Internet does. Starting in July of 2018, you’ll start seeing that any website that is not “https” secure by default will be labeled as insecure. See the image below from Googles’ blog post: Many […]

2017 Year End Wrap Up

Say what!?  I had intended on posting this during the last week in 2017, but with a new baby in the house along with a toddler, and the need to disconnect for a bit, it’s just coming now. Yes, this post is backdated 😉 2017 2017 brought the first full year of my new company […]

Website Security is Everyone’s Problem

Website security affects your business & you, even when you think it doesn’t. They say that ignorance is bliss, and in some ways it is for other things in your life, but not your website. You should not be ignorant about your website and it’s security. Do you use WordPress, Drupal or other content management […] Consulting is Now Leading Web Studio, LLC has been re-born as Leading Web Studio, LLC! I’m writing to you with some exciting news about Consulting – a new name! Consulting is now Leading Web Studio, LLC. Why change the name, might you ask? It’s an easy question to answer – but first a little history. Consulting was originally […]