Search Engine And Content Updates

Monthly Pro Website Maintenance

LWS not only builds new websites but also maintains existing ones, whether or not LWS built them in the first place. In other words, we’ve got you covered, regardless of who built your website!

The first thing we usually do is audit your website to gain an understanding of whether or not it’s satisfying your business goals. After all, your website should be connecting you with potential customers and helping convert them into paying customers

Things LWS Can Do

  1. Tweak website design
  2. Report on how many people are coming to your website, popular pages etc.
  3. Add functionality
  4. Update content (add images, update text, add sales promotions, blog posts, keeping information updated on a timely basis)
  5. Ensure software is up to date
  6. Ensure your website is free of security issues

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of platforms does LWS work with? I can generally work with any platform or software out there. I have vast experience with WordPress, Drupal, Grav CMS and many more. Lets chat more!

Do I really need to sign up for a 6 or 12-month term? Yes. Being committed to keeping your website updated is one of the keys to successful marketing (and therefore making more sales).

What if I don’t have any work this month? Do I still have to pay? Yes, there is a $150 minimum every month. Websites are busy places and there is always something to do.

How are tasks managed? How can I request that something be done? You can request something be done with through email, phone, Google Hangout or by submitting a task request form. All work is managed through The Studio Online, where you can login, submit work to be completed, see work requests and progress, etc.

How long does it take to complete a request? Generally speaking 24-48 hours but all my tasks are managed based on priority. All tasks are completed during normal business hours unless there is a distinct reason to work off-hours. All this is communicated through the project management system.

Sound Project Management. Solid Workflow.
Time-Tested Experience.
We work extremely closely with our clients to provide website planning and support before starting on design and development of the actual website. LWS helps you lay a solid base for your site. We then move forward with building your website using the latest methodologies, practices, advanced development techniques & world-class design.