Website Audit

Do you have a plan for your website? LWS will audit your website and provide an action plan to help you get the most from your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an audit cost? Audits start at $250 which includes a comprehensive overview of your website, SEO status, technical status and overall status. Let’s chat more!

Why do I need an audit? Websites have many moving parts. In order to find out how we can improve on a website, we have to establish a benchmark for where it stands today. This is where the audit comes in. It provides insight into where your website is technically speaking, how search engines view your website (search engine ranking for example) and how up to date your content is. It also provides insight into whether or not the software that runs your website is outdated and needs to be outdated. All important items to benchmark.

What is website strategy? A website strategy outlines the plan for your website. What does it need to do? How does it help the business? What things do we need to do on the website so that we make more money as a company (or satisfy the companies’ mission)? It answers questions such as: what are the desired outcomes? What’s our action plan to put all this into place?

If LWS is hired to help with my website strategy, what are the deliverables? We’ll conduct an audit of your website, meet several times to discuss your business, where’s it’s at & your website. You’ll get a full pdf report containing your Website Strategy with action items which we can then work on together.

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We work extremely closely with our clients to provide website planning and support before starting on design and development of the actual website. LWS helps you lay a solid base for your site. We then move forward with building your website using the latest methodologies, practices, advanced development techniques & world-class design.